What Is Play It Forward?

Play It Forward STL is dedicated to supplying musical instruments to public schools with limited funding, off-campus music programs, and individual children in social services and hospitals who aspire to explore the world of music.

Play It Forward Musical Foundation firmly believes in the transformative power of music education and its ability to inspire creativity, foster discipline, and promote community engagement. We have successfully impacted the lives of hundreds of students and kids since our inception in 2006.

Through strategic marketing, word-of-mouth initiatives, events, and fundraisers, Play It Forward has successfully furnished deserving children in local schools and music programs with musical instruments, all at zero cost to the school, parents/guardians, or students. Beyond schools, our outreach endeavors have opened avenues to collaborate with children undergoing long-term treatments in hospitals and those receiving social services. This holistic approach underscores our commitment to making music accessible and therapeutic experiences available to diverse communities.