What Is Play It Forward?

Play It Forward began as an idea to contribute to our community through the love of music, but then it turned into so much more. We have now provided 1000’s of instruments to deserving kids — many of whom cannot access music through their school. Some of these instruments were given to individuals and others were used to establish and institutionalize new music programs in communities.

Prior to official not-for-profit status, we operated for nine years as a local charitable organization that was a pass-through between musicians and instrument donors and recipients. We were granted our 501(c)(3) status in 2014. We have a small but dedicated staff who are committed to continue our efforts providing musical instruments to underfunded music programs. Our outreach has expanded into social services providing foster children opportunities to enjoy the benefits of music.

Play It Forward, via our marketing strategies, word of mouth, events, and fundraisers has been able to provide musical instruments to deserving children in schools and music programs locally at no cost to the school, parent/guardian, or student. Additionally, our outreach efforts have also provided us opportunities to work with children in hospitals during long term treatments and children receiving social services.

As you know, schools and aspiring young musicians desperately need more support. Our goal is to provide musical instruments, mentoring and encouragement to the next generation of musicians. We know music education and music therapy have proven beneficial in countless studies pertaining to mathematics, science, and social connections and I believe music heals the soul. Play It Forward has eased the burdens of financial limitations of school budgets and we are assisting parents who are not financially able to purchase their child’s much needed instrument. With creative efforts, community support, and determination, programs like Play It Forward are able to do it for them.