Play it Forward is a program founded by the creators of STLSound Magazine under the umbrella of the John V. Rudebeck Foundation. Our mission is to ensure each child in St. Louis is provided with the opportunity to discover his or her musical voice.

In keeping with our mission, the "Play it Forward" Program:
  • Donates musical instruments to children whose school and parents cannot afford the equipment.
  • Contributes instruments to schools whose music department funding does not cover the costs for instruments for students who wish to join the school's music program.
  • Coordinates shows and events at local schools.

Get involved and find out how you can help today!

Your Donations at Work!

PIF and Mozingo's Music donated 5 new keyboards to the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center.
A new keyboard donated by Kim and Adam Massie at the Blues Festival to an orphanage in Alton IL.
Hope and Harmony at the Griffin Center was blessed with your musical donations. They got two keyboards with stands, two speakers, a violin, a bell set and assorted percussion items.
Gisby Middle School in Granite City received an additional two guitars.
A brand new Drum Kit was donated by Bernie from St Louis.
Last Summer Georgie Busch gracefully donated her daughter Amber's guitar, Amber loved music. This week it was given to Lauren, an 8th grader who attends school in Amber's home town of Granite City. Music is Love, Playing It Forward with Amber Wood.
Ms. Holly from Normandy School emailed with a instrument repair list totalling $250. Play It Forward will pay that bill!
Confluence Roller Derby once again donated $200 from their Roller event in memory of Fo Jammie! You girls Rock and Roll!!
Special thanks to Aaron Logan who jammed at the Broadway Oyster and donated a Jasmine Takamine guitar with a case and $50!
Mr. Don Stratton of Granite City HS received $25,000 worth of Instruments on 2/1/2013.
Well Hungarians and Jack Schmitt Ford of Collinsville joined forces with Play It Forward and raised $1370 for Play It Forward music programs.
"Making Music Matter" is receiving 3 guitars and two violins.
Steve Houseright of "Strings Attached" received 10 packs of guitar string for his program courtesy of Shawn Telkamp of Musicians Unite.
Mr.Martin of "Grands Central Arts Academy" received a snare kit, chimes, bongos, woodblocks and mallets, a piccolo, tuba and tenor sax.
Jonathan Stoarch at "Confluence Academy North STL" has received $750.00 total from "Confluence Crush Roller Derby" in Memory of "Fo Jammi" via PIF in the last three months. His budget for the year was $100.00.
Donna Masters, Educator in Bethaldo IL, received $8,000 in instruments via PIF donations. This actually created their music department.
24 Instruments were donated through "City Music" in September.
Michael from Belleville, IL donated 8 PA's and Amps

Confluence Crush Roller Derby's 3rd year in support of Play It Forward! The teams new seasons double header kicks off this Saturday, Belle Clair Fairgrounds, Belleville, IL at 6:30. Hard hitting women's roller derby action!! A winter Carnival themed of Snow Bunnies vs. Ice Queens. 100% of their Raffle goes to Play it forward in memory of their friend Fo Jammie.

Confluence Crush Roller Derby

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Lori Smith's Bracelets made from recycled drum snares and guitar strings (bass strings coming soon) with wire wrap and charms, guitar pick, or crystal/bead accents with 50% of sales to benefit Play It Forward STL

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