John “Kingvegas” Kiehne

John "Kingvegas" Kiehne
I am a long-time recipient of the benefits of a music education.

As a child we had regular music classes from kindergarten on up. We learned to sing, play simple instruments, identify pitches and rhythms and recognize musical notation and so forth. I entered the band program in 5th grade playing the alto saxophone and progressed to participating in jazz band, pep band, marching band and other groups on saxophone, guitar, bass and tuba until I graduated from high school.

My musical experience in primary school led me to pursue a music degree in college. I studied music education, performance and production there as well as performing nationwide as a member of a variety of musical groups.

I have worked as a professional musician for over 30 years and I have performed, toured and recorded with a wide variety of musical acts over the years. I owe much of my success as an adult to the nurturing of my talents and exposure to the arts that I experienced as a child in the public school system.

John “Kingvegas” Kiehne